Friday, August 31, 2018

Meeting Anastasia Beverly Hills' Owner, and BEAUTYCON


I posted about going to BEAUTYCON last month. It was such an amazing experience to learn about the beauty industry. I got to meet beauty insiders as well! 

Some brands I became more familiar with are La Beaute Soi, Rude Cosmetics, and Aveda. 

Here's the video just in case you missed the post.

Gotta Have Sunglasses and Yellow

I'm still in the mood for yellow, so here's more shots from the shoot!

Tell me, what do you do when you finally figure out you've left the house without your sunglasses?? I turn around straight away and go get them. I've just learned to accept that my eyes are sensitive to sunlight, and I shouldn't go anywhere without sunglasses.

Also, I accept that I cannot get enough of yellow clothing yet. How about you? For some reason it's just a breath of fresh air, completely. I'm sure the trend is recycled from a decade ago, as fashion usually is. I don't care. Send me a link to where you get your favorite tees, please! Although this is from Topshop, I get some pretty cool ones at Nordstrom, too.

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