Thursday, February 21, 2013

Oxblood and Black

Booties: Old Navy; Crystal Splatter Legging: Legging Go; Skirt: H&M
Layering easy fabrics is a great way to stay warm, comfortable and get more chances to add newly acquired stylish pieces into each outfit. It may be chilly out now but it won't be for long, so I wanted to hurry and squeeze in my snowflake leggings and oxblood mini skirt for my new favorite hobby (this blog) before the winter season was over, so here's how the whole thing turned out. Whew, what's it... just another month till spring, that was close! Oh yeah, and I had to edge the grey wedge booties in too. Seriously, the rubber wedge provided great comfort ALL season and I think I'd worn them to every church function since last December! My cousin let me borrow her amazingly huge earrings. Cute, right?

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