Monday, November 23, 2015

Fall Goals Update 2015

Just over 1 month ago, I posted about how much more I wanted to pour into my blog. #FallGoals was in full incubation mode! I must say, writing well and often can only be done with determination to explore, explain, and a get it down (in writing) tenacity. 

I'd say I've improved on 3/5 of my goals in under 2 months. Seeing as how fall is just 3 months long, now is a good time to check my progress. So far, my favorite change has been that I've added the OPB page. 

Do you have fall goals? What are they? 



  1. i'm trying to work on my blog more as well, good luck with your goals :)

    danielle | avec danielle

  2. I am always thinking about/ re-evaluating my goals, but I have a bad habit of writing things down and then forgetting about them. One of my goals is to keep everything in one place like a journal and then intentionally read them and re-evaluate them (maybe on a weekly or monthly basis) so I can remember the great idea I had that one random monday night, and remind myself to continue to work toward it, or cross it off and go with the next great idea!
    XO Christine

    1. Great goal! I'd love to keep one too. If I found one with labels, I'm sure it would help.


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