Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!!
Merry Christmas!!
Merry Christmas!!
Merry Christmas!!

I wish you the merriest Christmas this year! Search deep to find where God has blessed you in the past year. 

All around, God kept me from so many pit-falls this year! I'm thankful!!! Even so, this year was super tough for me because I got bored with the mundane, everyday schedule and to-do list I have. Boredom probably doesn't sound "tough", but I know I have to keep those same things up for a while longer and search for added meaning in them. So... I keep at what I know...that's hard. I'm guessing that soon enough there will be breakthrough. I'm truly working toward, and hoping for good change. That's my hope within the next year.

Classic Boucle Coat

I don't know why I didn't look to buy a coat like this sooner!!! It's warm. I'm living in Los Angeles and the weather is always mild and nice, but can be chilly to me if it gets below 70 degrees. A heavy cardigan doesn't always do the job. 

Finally, I ventured to the coat section and found this light blue beauty. I love it!!! I can wear it to the grocery store with leggings. I can wear it to a late night movie. Hey, I might even go so far as to throw it on over lounge clothes to take the trash out (I've vowed not to wear pajamas outside ever again). I don't care if it's too formal for an 8 a.m. coffee run! ALWAYS dress up instead of down is my fashion motto. You can never dress too well for any occasion.

What are you thankful for, and hoping for? I'd love to know. Oooh, and did you get new clothes for Christmas?! I want to see; send me the link!


Friday, December 18, 2015

Christmas Charm

Bejeweled Beanie similarZARA city bag; 

With Christmas just one week away, I realize that this month is flying by... I'm working so much! During the early and very late hours of the day I scroll through the photos I've captured on my phone and think I would love to post that to the blog, only to find I'm waking up the next morning without having even turned on my computer....but not tonight! 

Here's some of the highlights that I just couldn't fall asleep without sharing. Above, you'll see that I decided to breakout my more festive accessories to usher in the joy of the Christmas season! They also happen to make great last minute Christmas gifts for her.

Jewelry and sparkle are a must for me in December. Do you like my bejeweled beanie? It's casual, but charming enough to wear almost everywhere (score!). And who doesn't like some faux fur? This straw colored pompom purse charm was ordered from Hong Kong for like, a dollar (honest). I received it in the mail around Thanksgiving. It feels very nice in my hand. Please get one for someone you love. She will be delighted to receive it this holiday, I'm sure.

Which accessories would you like to get as a gift for Christmas?