Friday, August 31, 2018

Meeting Anastasia Beverly Hills' Owner, and BEAUTYCON


I posted about going to BEAUTYCON last month. It was such an amazing experience to learn about the beauty industry. I got to meet beauty insiders as well! 

Some brands I became more familiar with are La Beaute Soi, Rude Cosmetics, and Aveda. 

Here's the video just in case you missed the post.

Gotta Have Sunglasses and Yellow

I'm still in the mood for yellow, so here's more shots from the shoot!

Tell me, what do you do when you finally figure out you've left the house without your sunglasses?? I turn around straight away and go get them. I've just learned to accept that my eyes are sensitive to sunlight, and I shouldn't go anywhere without sunglasses.

Also, I accept that I cannot get enough of yellow clothing yet. How about you? For some reason it's just a breath of fresh air, completely. I'm sure the trend is recycled from a decade ago, as fashion usually is. I don't care. Send me a link to where you get your favorite tees, please! Although this is from Topshop, I get some pretty cool ones at Nordstrom, too.

SHOP the look Here 

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Summer Blues

MEGA win: This Topshop circular straw bag is going to work for fall, too! The shape of it is still on trend.

It's later in the evening here in L.A. and I'm going through summer time photos. I just want to wear this outfit one more time! I didn't know the top was going to be so popular. AFTER I bought the tank top I noticed it was on mannequins in each Nordstrom store I went into over the summer. That was fun to see. The top is 40% off at the moment.

Nordstrom  Tank and Shorts; Topshop Straw Tote

SHOP the look here

Also, tell me what hot items you plan on transitioning into fall in the comments.



I had no idea what to expect from BEAUTYCON!
This was my first time attending the event. All I knew was I'd meet beauty gurus and hair and makeup professionals. 

When you see the video - I ended up seeing Kim Kardashian in person! She's very pretty and humble. Right away, I went home to watch some KKW Beauty videos. 

Oh! This next highlight was unexpected for me. 

I didn't make it to the convention until late on Sunday. I wasn't sure who else was going to attend. Would I see some friends there?? All was okay when I ended up meeting Anastasia and Norvina from the cosmetics line Anastasia Beverly Hills (below). WOW!!!

I had such a great time learning about cruelty free cosmetics lines. I will say, I never thought about how the products are tested until I went to the convention. I ended up buying makeup brushes from La Beaute Soi. Also, I ended up buying so. many. indulgent. items. from Rude Cosmetics, too! 

Do you know of any beauty conventions happening in Los Angeles? 

Comment letting me know which beauty items you're interested in. I might go and have a look if you link your photos online.

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Tuesday, August 7, 2018



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