Thursday, August 30, 2018



I had no idea what to expect from BEAUTYCON!
This was my first time attending the event. All I knew was I'd meet beauty gurus and hair and makeup professionals. 

When you see the video - I ended up seeing Kim Kardashian in person! She's very pretty and humble. Right away, I went home to watch some KKW Beauty videos. 

Oh! This next highlight was unexpected for me. 

I didn't make it to the convention until late on Sunday. I wasn't sure who else was going to attend. Would I see some friends there?? All was okay when I ended up meeting Anastasia and Norvina from the cosmetics line Anastasia Beverly Hills (below). WOW!!!

I had such a great time learning about cruelty free cosmetics lines. I will say, I never thought about how the products are tested until I went to the convention. I ended up buying makeup brushes from La Beaute Soi. Also, I ended up buying so. many. indulgent. items. from Rude Cosmetics, too! 

Do you know of any beauty conventions happening in Los Angeles? 

Comment letting me know which beauty items you're interested in. I might go and have a look if you link your photos online.

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