Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Fashion & Beauty Matter to Me

I've been prompted to get creative in a whole other way. And I'm so happy about it!

Fashion and beauty both matter to me. Traditionally, I've posted mostly about my fashion finds. I've been in love with color and styling since I was 5 years old, dressing my grandmother. She had a uniform of a boat neck 3/4 sleeve top, a long ankle skirt with boots peeking out from the bottom, and always, a 3-piece matching jewelry set. I got to mix and match silhouette and color for her 5 days a week. So dreamy. If I'd thought to ask for a camera to take pictures of her outfits - oh goodness, who knows what that would have led to by now!

In high school, I had acne and so my natural reaction was to avoid focus on my face and focus on my clothing. I dressed and experimented with the typical 'rave' styles. Oh gosh that was interesting. What I'm inspired by now is what's trending. I actually don't buy new clothes very much, and as I peruse the mall windows, I've come to be heavily interested in skincare and makeup trends. Even though I'm not in high school I still have acne, ugh. More than drinking a good amount of water to keep hydrated, my skin needs care. For me, I naturally have become interested in my facial regimen, and artistically in the wonders of makeup.

Artistically I will probably reflect this here on the blog.  I will be posting more beauty posts, and occasionally, some fashion.


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