Saturday, January 5, 2019

My Current Skincare Solutions


It's true - Caudalie and Lotus Organics products have improved my skin! Here's a bit of my skin history: I've had acne since I was about twelve years old and my skincare included whatever soap my family had in the shower. I barely ate any sugar or drank soda (in part due to the fact that I had braces, and didn't cultivate a desire for candies and desserts). I couldn't understand why I had bad skin. I've probably tried one hundred products since discovering the beauty aisle in Target at thirteen years old. Insert a desperate search for help!

Now, as an adult I still breakout frequently. I've been combating acne with different beauty products over the years with little success. I wanted to give up and accept it but it's a skin problem which can embarrassingly be seen by the public, and worse, is painful. For years now, so much that leads to acne breakouts seems uncontrollable which is unsettling, causing my skin to react even more stressfully.

My husband learned I wanted to try more natural products and found Lotus Organics on Instagram. I began using their Charcoal Activated Black Soap. The facial soap shows improvement in my acne with one wash! I'm not kidding! I usually use it at night with a shower because the soap is black and it's easy to be sure the color rinses into the drain. I've included a photo of the moisturizer above (because my well loved bar soap isn't pretty anymore). The moisturizer smells very good with all the lavender, shea butter, and cocoa butter in it. As well as moisturizing, I love that it helps to reduce my post-blemish dark spots.

Also, I'll use the Caudalie Luxuriously Thick and Foamy Instant Foaming Cleanser (pictured above) in the mornings when I'm in a hurry. The pump bottle is easy to use. Its smells nice, but the perfume doesn't not irritate my skin. My skin is sensitive so that really matters to me. The formula is soap-free and doesn't leave my skin with a film after use. While I'm on the topic, I might as well tell you I've been using the Caudalie Grape Water spray on my face on my Youtube Channel. I remember using it to dampen my Beauty Blender.

I feel so good about these skincare choices. I feel good about sharing them with you all because I've trusted them for over six months now. I'm including links to each product below.