Hi, friend!

Hi! May I use your photos on my site? Please be sure to link back to my blog because my images are all copyrighted.

What do you do for a living? I work full-time on beauty, lifestyle, and fashion inspiration, showcased on the blog and my other social media accounts.

How did you get your start? In college I studied communications studies, and became interested in on-camera entertainment. After holding a few 9-5 positions outside of entertainment, I started this blog in 2010 as a way to communicate what inspires me in fashion or beauty. I began the Youtube channel  to continue the on-camera aspect.

How should I go about pursuing a career in fashion or beauty? Get as much experience as you can with internships and part-time jobs in fashion or beauty. If you're up to it, starting a blog might help you get some focus as you post more and more often - after some time you'll get a good look at how your posts relate to each other, finding specific topics you really enjoy. The best part is you don't have to publish the work if you aren't ready, but can revise and post whenever is a good time for you.

What is your policy on working with brands? I'm quite selective about the brands I work with and only partner with companies that are a natural fit. I  showcase things on my site that I truly have specific interest in and would normally try on my own. Unless clearly marked as a "Sponsored" post, I am not compensated by any of the brands featured on the website (and most likely it's the same for any of my other social platforms). Additionally, you can read my site's "Privacy and Disclosure Policy" (in progress).

I want to start a blog.  Do you have any tips? Write often and for your enjoyment.

Can you check it out and give me advice on how to improve my site/platform/work? While I'd love to be able to help people with their specific projects, unfortunately I don't have the time.

Where did you get the piece of clothing you're wearing in your post? I provide all of the information I can find about the things that I wear below each post.

Which shops do you go to? I frequently go to Topshop.
How did you build a following on your social media platforms/site? I post things I enjoy, and I visit other people's pages too and let them know what I like or appreciate.

What did you focus on in college? I went to California State University Northridge, and studied communications studies.

Did I just see you on "Grey's Anatomy" season 12 episode 13? Yes, you probably did.  I played a psychiatric nurse on the show when I became more interested  in on-camera entertainment.

Can I interview you for my school project?  While I would love to help out, I actually don't have time to participate, as I'm usually working and then  with my family.

Why was my comment removed or not published? I appreciate constructively critical feedback and want to keep the discussion positive, therefore if the tone of your comment is rude, angry, or in poor taste, it will not be published. 

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